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Young people where always
attracted to Tatinja's lantern
Tatinja hosted many generations of fisherman
Host of Tatinja.com expresses great thanks to "Dundo Lale" for capturing these beautiful photos
...and swimmers
...not long ago this was Tatinja main
cargo transporter ...
...delivery of vine to vinery...
Tatinja was main port for redemption of wine and
transportation of various local goods ...
Dida and King Njurho 1987
Vine was caried in "Mih"
Vine was pumped into barels...
Barrels were secured on the Sailing Ship...
King Puro A.D. XXXX
King Puro and King Njurho A.D. 2012
Dida vs Lignje.. Round 1..
200 year old "KOSCIL" fell on 30 January A.D. 2015
Sabor Member "ŠUŠURKO" A.D. 2017
Official opening of new SABOR location, Summer A.D. 2017
Youngest Sabor Member "PINKICA" A.D. 2020
Sabor Member "MRGUD" A.D. 2018